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GOODICLINK is a fast growing chip distribution company. By 2022, GOODICLINK has nearly 100 employees, most of them are from electronics related majors of well-known universities, the average age of 25 years old, is a vigorous, thriving young company. GOODICLINK’s founders and executives have a strong background, all from well-known semiconductor original manufacturers and global top agents. The company's headquarters is located in Hon Kwok Centre, a five-star luxury A-Graded office building in the CBD of Futian District, Shenzhen, an excellent location, with convenient transportation and unparalleled view of Shenzhen Central Park. Our customer base covers the whole world, including medical equipment, automotive electronics, communication manufacturing, industrial control and many other customers, and provides one-stop supply chain services of electronic components for major OEM, ODM, EMS manufacturers around the world.


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