Promote Reginal Economy and Discuss the Development


On the afternoon of August 26, 2021, Goodiclink was visited by a group of leaders listed as below: Pu bin, Deputy District Director of Chengdu's Pidu District, Wu Jin, Director of Commerce Bureau of Chengdu's Pidu District, Jing Shuo, Director of the Management Committee of Green Hydrogen Industry Function Zone of Chengdu's Pidu District, Li Yang, Deputy Director of Commerce Bureau of Chengdu's Pidu District, Wu Shuai, Deputy Director of Investment Promotion Center of Xisheng Investment Group in Chengdu's Pidu District, Yang Chengjin, Chairman of Shenzhen Gokeic Technology Co., Ltd. Zou Peng, Vice President of Shenzhen Gokeic Technology Co., Ltd. Goodiclink's Deputy General Manager Jerry Wu, Product Director William, General Manager Assistant Molly and some other colleagues accompanied to visit. We showed our warmest welcome to all the leaders of the district government.

Jerry Wu, Deputy General Manager of Goodiclink, introduced the relevant and current situation of our company, emphasizing the rapid development of Goodiclink in the field of chip distribution, as well as a series of innovative exploration in the development of authorized distribution solutions and promotion.

This investment meeting mainly introduces the specific situation of Chengdu modern industrial port construction. The construction of Chengdu modern industrial port is located in Chengdu's Pidu District, with a total of over 1,900 market main enterprises in the park, of which nearly 1,000 are industrial manufacturer. The green hydrogen industry functional zone belonging to a carbon-neutral ecological circle, covers the whole region of Pitong Street and Hongguang street. Chengdu electronic information industry functional zone covers the whole area of Deyuan Street and belongs to the ecological circle of electronic information industry. The functional zones, focusing on leading industries such as integrated circuits, new displays, 5G communications, hydrogen equipment and electronic information supporting equipment, tend to accelerate the aggregation of industrial chains, upgrade the innovation chain and improve the service chain, and strive to build a globally competitive 'digital economy Innovation and development pilot zone' and 'industrial park city demonstration zone'. Goodiclink, as a super dark horse in the market of semiconductor distribution, opened more than 10 offices worldwide, and have diversified customer base across the world, including aviation and aerospace, telecommunication equipment, industrial control, medical devices, automotive electronics and other industrial-level territories. Goodiclink fully adapts to the needs of the leading industry in the park, bring innovative things into the park, and enables itself to 'go to the world'.

Through this communication, we have gained better understanding on Pidu District, the central urban area of Chengdu, which is full of innovative vitality and cultural heritage. Facing this great chance to cooperate, we attach great importance to this meeting and will strive to explore investment opportunities and conduct in-depth exchanges to promote deeper communication and cooperation in technical transformation, capital management, industrial integration and other aspects. By doing this we hope to achieve transformation and upgrading of industrial sectors, make the products selling well throughout the country and obtain high income and efficiency for enterprises. What's more, we will continue the research and explore practical cooperation mechanism suitable for integrated circuit enterprises, and unite Uestc alumni resources in Shenzhen to seek strong union for regional industrial upgrading. Through the interconnection of infrastructure, trade, finance and other aspects, resources, labor, capital and other elements of both sides can be more effectively allocated, comparative advantages can be better played, and the common development of the country and enterprises can be promoted. As an innovative enterprise in Shenzhen, Goodiclink will pay more attention to the development and construction of our country in the future and try our best to support. We will also integrate the strategic strength, talent strength and operation ability of our company and bring it into the national level to boost regional economic development to the high end.